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Garden-related DIYs and resources by Anna-Carin Betzén

Plant some flowers in your small-scale garden. This page has links to all of my flower-related DIYs and other resources.

It's always a good idea to check out some photos of the real-life flower first, so you can pick supplies that look the most like it.

General resources

1:44 and other small scales

Most of these instructions should work equally well for other small scales, like H0, 1:120 or N scale, as long as you refer to an in-scale sketch when selecting your supplies and making the flower. For the flowers below, you can print my flower size reference sheet.

To see these flowers planted in a garden, please visit my 1:144 scale English cottage garden.

In case English is your second language, did you know how easy it is to translate flower names? Just do a web search for the flower's name in Latin (shown in italics below) in pages of your own language, and you'll find out what it's called.

Watering can Make watering cans in any scale, size, or proportions.
Suitable for 1:87 and smaller scales.

You can adapt these instructions to make herbs, e.g. by applying green turf instead of lavender colored material.
The flowerhead instructions are good for 1:48 scale hyacinths too.
Larkspur or Delphinium
Crown imperial lily
(Fritillaria imperialis)
Suitable for 1:87 and smaller scales.
(Syringa vulgaris)
I've made lilac bushes in 1:87 and 1:144 using this method.

For larger scales, the flowerheads can be made in the same way, but you may want come up with some other way of making the actual bush.

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