1:144 scale peony bush

Idea and instructions by Anna-Carin Betzén

These instructions can be used in several small scales, as you're working from an in-scale sketch rather than fixed measurements. Please visit my garden center for an overview of all my free flower DIYs and other files about making flowers.

The supplies listed should work from N (1:160) up to H0 (1:87) scale. In 1:48 you could use punched leaves. The flower supplies page has more information on supplies you can use.

Supplies and tools

Peony bush

Twist a few wires together.

Trim the wires to length, according to the sketch. The twisted part will be glued into the ground.

Spread the wires out for better access.

Touch up the paint on the stems if needed. (You could also use unpainted wire and paint it at this stage instead.)

Apply glue to the stems, in the area that would have leaves. Dip it in the leaves.

Let the glue dry.

Rearrange the stems so the bush has its final shape.

Pick out some crunchy flowers that are the right size.

I had trouble finding small enough ones, so mine are on the large side. But sometimes that may be a good thing in mini gardening - if the flowers are a little oversized you don't need quite as many!

Glue the flowers to the stems.

Let your peony bush dry thoroughly, then glue it in a hole in the ground.

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