Little Enough News

Text by Anna-Carin Betzén

The exellent 1:48 scale newsletter Little Enough News (also known as LEN) was published by Pamela Scott for over seven years, from late in 1996 to early in 2004. Each issue had 10 pages printed in black and white, packed with how-to projects and hints.

Though no new issues will be published, back issues can still be ordered - see this blog entry for a detailed listing of the contents of all back issues. Please note: Pam passed away in February 2011, but her husband will continue to sell back issues of LEN. If you're interested in ordering, please contact me for his address.

Pam was a wonderfully creative lady and a dear friend of mine. I've made an In Memoriam page on my site, to show examples of her work and share who she was as a person.

My mini projects printed in LEN

This list covers all of my mini project instructions that have been printed in Little Enough News. All how-tos are for 1:48 scale, unless otherwise noted. Below, I've included color photos of nearly every project (in the newsletter, all are depicted in b/w along with the directions).

Volume 2, issue 1 (Meal issue)

Serve a Swedish Christmas dinner - potatoes, crispbread, eggs, pickled herring, ham, meatballs, peas, and pickled red cabbage served smorgasbord style, and Rice à la Malta with strawberry sauce for dessert (the photo shows most items but not all).

Volume 2, issue 4 (Window dressing issue)

Lace curtains, and 18th century draped curtains.

Volume 2, issue 5 (Outdoor BBQ issue)

Needlepoint rug chart, with a butterfly and flower design (Obviously, the rug doesn't tie in with the issue's theme, other than having an outdoorsy design!)

Volume 2, issue 6 (Hat issue)

Top hat and sunbonnet.

Volume 3, issue 3 (Fireplaces and twig furniture issue)

How to adapt the sculpted mannequin in volume 1, issue 6, to make a 1:48 scale lady. This is the method I use to make my 1:48 scale female dolls.

Volume 4, issue 1 (Baby bassinette or cradle issue)

Crib Cradle

Antique canopied cradle and 20th century crib.

Volume 4, issue 4 (Lamps and lighting fixtures issue)

Art Nouveau lamp Art Deco lamp

Art Deco lamp, Art Nouveau lamp, and electrified shell sconce (sconce not shown).

I used the Art Deco lamp and shell sconce on the bottom floor of my Florida Art Deco house, and the Art Nouveau lamp in the library of my English cottage.

Volume 5, issue 3 (Toy issue)

Chocolate bunny

Make a tiny chocolate Easter bunny from Fimo, mine turned out about 3 mm (1/8") tall.

Volume 5, issue 4 (Wedding issue)

Wedding dinner

Directions for a table set for the bride and groom (shown), and for a gift table decorated with floral swags (sorry - I have no photo of the latter).

Volume 5, issue 6 (Castle issue)

Tudor accessories

Accessories for your Tudor castle - fireplace, andirons, chandelier, wrought iron candle stand, Tudor chest, and luxorious textiles.

Most of these items are similar to the ones found in my Castle.

Volume 6, issue 2 (Victorian issue)

Victorian bookcase

Directions for bed, wardrobe and bookcase. The bed and wardrobe are now in my 1860s bedroom roombox and the bookcase in my Victorian roombox.

Victorian bedroom furniture

All three pieces were fun to make, and I'd like to build additional Victorian furniture sometime in the future. If you'd like to build them all I recommend doing the wardrobe first as it's the easiest one, and saving the bookcase to the last. The antique bookcase I based mine on was made in the mid-Victorian era, but as it's not very ornate it could be used in an earlier setting too. It could even be transformed into a Georgian bookcase by adding the characteristic latticework of woodstrips to the glass doors (a piece of coarse tulle might work).

Volume 6, issue 5 (Folk Art issue)

Log chair

Make an ancient-style Scandinavian log chair.

This issue also contains my how-to for the 1:144 scale staircase in my 1:144 scale English cottage, and some hints for making Tudor style panelled walls.

Volume 6, issue 6 (Christmas Shoppe issue)

tree tree

Build an English shop front in late Georgian style (circa 1800). This was the first part of my Facades series, and included general directions for turning a facade into a full structure, as well as suggestions for other uses for facades.

Directions for most of the ornaments on the Christmas tree shown on my Swedish Christmas page.

Volume 7, issue 1 (Southwestern issue)


Old Man Cactus.

Volume 7, issue 2 (Arts and Crafts issue)

Bridal shop facade mission style bed Antiques shop

Build a Mission style bed. This is one of my favorites among the 1:48 scale how-tos that I've written, as it uses basic supplies and neat methods to get a great result.

The 2nd part of the Facades series is in early Victorian style (mid-19th century). Here, it's photographed in front of my Bridal Shop.

To tie in with the issue's theme, I also included how-tos for an Arts and Crafts era version, based on the same basic facade. This roombox in the collection of Pam Scott, who's filled it with an assortment of vintage style mini goodies.

Volume 7, issue 3 (Shabby Chic issue)

Carl Larsson room

How to build this roombox, inspired by Swedish artist Carl Larsson. Hints for kitbashing brown plastic furniture for the interior were also included, as well as instructions for making geraniums and climbing plants for the windowsill.

This room has a page of it's own, with more pics: Carl Larsson room.

Volume 7, issue 4 (Art Deco issue)

Art Deco clock

I submitted my instructions for a fancy bookcase, a chair and clock design by Paul Frankl, plus another chair design.

Volume 7, issue 5 (Fashion issue)

Art nouveau shop Half dresses

Instructions for making these dresses, which are excellent for filling a wardrobe. There's lots of them in my Bridal Shop.

The 3rd (and last, as it turned out) how-to in the Facades series was a French shop front of the Art Nouveau era.

Volume 8, issue 2 (Middle Eastern issue)

I contributed the chart for this circa 1850 Baluch rug, stitched on 48 count silk gauze. web site by Anna-Carin Betzén. All rights reserved.