1:48 scale bridal shop

This shop came about to show off Hazel Vilnis' exquisite bridal gown with veil and bouquet, that are on display on the mannequin at the ground floor. The shop offers a selection of bridal gowns, hats and shoes. I built it from a back opening shadowbox.

I'd won the gown and accessories in a LEN contest, and as the following issue would have a wedding theme, I thought it would fun to submit a photo for that issue, showing a finished setting using my prize. This gave me a deadline of little over a month to complete the project.


I filled the store's shelves with dresses and gowns, hats, hat boxes and shoe boxes. Next to them is a swivel mirror.

The shop's fitting room is barely visible in these pics, it's behind the "window display" at the left-hand side of the shop.


Corsets, stockings, gloves and jewelery on display in the counter.

In the site's DIY projects section you find my how-tos for the chandeliers, paper bag, hat boxes, and shoe boxes. My directions for making the dresses on hangers were published in the LEN magazine (volume 7, issue 5).


On the top floor there's a sewing workshop with a gown in progress. It is made from one of Pamela Scott's kits (now discontinued). Another gown is being draped on the mannequin at the left-hand side in the top picture, right outside the fitting room.

The shelves are full of fabric bolts, ribbons and lace, and the cupboards has plenty of room for less interesting supplies like interfacing.

Sewing machines

At the right-hand side of the workshop there's an ironing table, complete with iron and ironing horses. After senior high school I went to dressmaking school (full-time for half a year), and I based the ironing equipment on the tools we used there.

Closeup of the sewing machines - unfortunately the photo is so blurry due to the glass front. A grey sewing machine and a white serger (seen from the side).

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