1:48 scale Savonnerie rug, circa 1850

Needlepoint design by Anna-Carin Betzén, based on a full-scale rug

This rug is stitched with DMC floss on 48 count silk gauze, and measures 36×49 mm (1 1/2"×1 7/8"), a small size for a Savonnerie rug. On a smaller count, you could use it in 1:144 scale too.

"Savonnerie" doesn't denote a style, but rather a knotted pile carpet made in the Savonnerie manufactury in France, or in a broader sense, a knotted pile carpet with a European/Western design. The Savonnerie manufactury was founded near Paris in 1615, in a former soap factory (French savon). It became the most prestigeous knotted pile carpet factory in Europe. From what I've seen, Savonneries don't have fringe.

Savonnerie rug

Stitch count
65 by 89 stitches
Thread colors
8 colors
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