1:144 scale Chinese rug, circa 1700

Needlepoint design by Anna-Carin Betzén, based on a full-scale seat cover

I think the stylized dragon forming the center medallion is rather neat! This rug would be at home in a modern setting as well as in a Georgian house. I stitched it on 64 count gauze with split silk thread (Gütermann's silk sewing thread, with one of the three plies removed). At that count, it measures 14×23 mm (9/16"×15/16") which would equal 200×330 cm (about 7'x11') in full scale.

Unfortunately, the thread I had at hand limited my color choices, so the stitched rug turned out much brighter than I'd intended (guess I should've stuck to my favorite materials; DMC floss and 48 count gauze!). The thumbnail to the right shows a softer color scheme, that is close to the look of the seat cover I based it on. The edge of the original is believed to have been red originally, but has faded to a golden shade. Note that the thumbnail rug is more oblong than the stitched one, in keeping with the original seat cover. If you'd like your rug to be of the same proportions as the thumbnail, use a slightly longer piece of gauze and simply insert an extra border repeat on both sides of the center motif.

Chinese rug

Stitch count
39 by 67 stitches
Thread colors
4 colors
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Chart in black and white (PDF file)

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