1:144 scale adobe roombox

Instructions for Pam Scott's 1:48 scale adobe roombox El Cisco were printed in LEN, volume 4, issue 3. I'm not into Southwestern but the roombox was cute, so I reduced it to 1:144 scale and built it in May 2002. And then six years went by before I started to work on the furnishings... Once I resumed working on it, I had good use for Pam's Southwestern styling hints in LEN volume 7, issue 1.


chest and fireplace

The kiva (fireplace) is based on pics of full-scale kivas I saw online.

The chest with its distinctive big ornate lockplate (which I just painted on) is inspired by a photo in an internet antiques store. All of the furniture is "aged" wood, using a method I describe on my page on Wood finishes.

The great big pot with four "handles" is based on pics I came across online at the time I built the roombox. I made it straight away as it looked so fascinating, but unfortunately I didn't make notes of where I saw it or what it's called. As it's sooty underneath, I presume it was suspended over the fire by means of ropes running through the handles. It's frustrating how easy it is to find information on something if you just know the name (like on the kiva), but quite hard if you have no idea what it's called!

Settle and table

settle and table

The settle is my favorite piece in this roombox. I shaped the exaggerated scallops on the top of the back and on the front edge using files. It's a pity the table conceals so much of it, but I did try doing without table and the room looked too bare then. The blanket is for chilly evenings; a bright multi-colored stripe would've been more appropriate, but I had no such fabric and I like the serene shades of blue.

a glimpse of the patio The wrought iron candlestick is actually a piece of Grandt Line railing #3501 (1/4" scale Wells Fargo balcony railing) that I trimmed down, glued to a base and glued a piece of wire down the back, sticking out at the top to form a candle.


birdseye view

Unfortunately the patio doesn't show up very well, other than in a birds-eye view. I made the chiminea fireplace from polymer clay. Someone's been sitting on the bench reading, and left their book there.

The agave is made from a strip of paper. I painted it green, cut one edge into narrow leaves, rolled it up and glued.

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