Introduction to my 1:144 scale projects

Yes, that's a real life-size match, about 5 cm (2") long!

For a first project, I suggest you start with a couple of modern furniture pieces like the slipcovered chair before you go on to more complicated projects like the Georgian bed! If you like doing needlepoint, I've also designed charts for some tiny rugs.

On these pages I'm sharing my methods and designs, so you can try them too. The designs are accurately scaled based on measurements of life-size furniture. I mostly use basic supplies like stripwood, scale lumber from the model railroad store, thin card, no-hole beads, and silk fabrics.

I've gathered general information on wood, cutting, fabric hints etc on a few separate pages in the Hints and guides section of my site.

Good luck, and most of all - have fun! web site by Anna-Carin Betzén. All rights reserved.