Kaponiergatan 4D, Göteborg

Corner view

P. A. Klingspor was last heard of in 1901 when he tried to contact Vendela and Laura. His return addres was Kaponiergatan 4D in Göteborg. The house still exists, and looks like this in 2003. The entrance labeled 4D is outside the left edge of this photo. Probably this house had lots of single rooms or small flats for rent.

Kaponiergatan 4D

The green door is the entrance to number 4D. The house is brick with a stucco ground floor.

The surroundings

Here, Kaponiergatan runs straight into the photo, right next to the tree branches at the left. The corner house is recognisable with its white embellishments above the windows. You can also see the white flag sticking out into the street, the same as the peace flag in the first pic above. This photo is taken from a hill where the 17th century fortlet Skansen Kronan (The Crown Fortlet) is situated.