Christmas tree

1:48 scale wrapped gifts

Idea and instructions by Anna-Carin Betzén

For the gifts under my mini Christmas trees, I've used a variety of different papers. There's both full-scale giftwrap paper, small-scale wallpapers and giftwrap papers, and colored foil paper for origami. The small-scale wallpapers and giftwrap papers are from J. Hermes (see the Supply sources page for more information).

Supplies and tools


Cut small wood blocks from stripwood. Glue one end of the paper strip under the block, wrap it around, trim so it overlaps slightly, and glue the other end down. Spread a little glue on the edges of the block, and fold the left/right sides into the glue. Then glue the bottom flap, and finally the top.

For fancy ribbons, unravel a piece of bunka. For a glossy ribbon around a gift, pull the bunka between two wet fingers to straighten it. Let dry, then wrap it around the gift and glue under the bottom. If you want two crossing ribbons, do each separately rather than trying to do both with the same length of bunka. The bunka will flatten out (unless you've twisted it) and look like a tiny ribbon. Curl up a small piece of bunka (unravelled, but not straightened) to look like a multi-loop bow. Glue in place.

I made some traditional 19th century style packets for my Swedish Christmas tree by wrapping the blocks in brown paper, tying sewing thread around them and adding a blob of red acrylic paint where the threads crossed.

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