Trash can

1:48 scale trash can

Idea and instructions by Anna-Carin Betzén

These instructions will make a 13 mm (1/2") tall trash can that is 10 mm (3/8") in diameter. If your mini people create a lot of trash, resize it to fit their needs.

Supplies and tools

Trash can

sketch of the parts

Mark out a 13 by 30 mm (1/2" by 1-3/16") rectangle on the foil. Don't cut it out yet (a larger piece is easier to handle when you do the scribing).

Using the stylus and ruler, scribe a line inside each long edge of the rectangle, about 1 mm (1/32") from the edge. Then turn the foil over and scribe short perpendicular lines between the first two lines, spacing them about 1.5 mm (1/16") apart. Don't run them into the long lines; leave a 1 mm (1/32") gap in between. In the sketch, all scribed lines are shown in red.

Mark gluing-tabs along one long and one short side of the can. Cut out. Snip the long tab into many short ones, as shown in the sketch. Curve the piece so it forms a cylinder and glue closed. A combination of cyanoacrylate glue and tacky glue worked best for me. Fold in the little snipped tabs. Cut a 10 mm (3/8") circle from foil and glue on for base.

For handles, fold a strip of foil in half and flatten the fold with a fingernail. Cut a 1 mm (1/32") strip along the fold. Cut two 8 mm (5/16") lengths for handles, and shape both like the large handle in the sketch. Glue onto each side of the can.


Mark a 10 mm (3/8") circle on the foil (the inner circle in the sketch). Scribe lines as shown.

Mark the outer circle about 1 to 1.5 mm (1/32" to 1/16") outside the first circle. Cut out with scissors. Now either try to fold this rim and smooth it out (I tried this, but wasn't happy about the results), or snip it into lots of little gluing tabs, and glue a 1.5 mm (1/16") wide strip around it.

Cut a 6 mm (1/4") length from the strip of foil you prepared for the handles, shape it like the small handle in the sketch and glue on.

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