1:48 scale Art Deco table

Design and instructions by Anna-Carin Betzén

The book 'Authentic Art Deco Interiors and Furniture', printed by Dover Publications, contains 1920's interior drawings by various French designers.

I bought it unseen and was a bit disappointed when it arrived, as the furniture wasn't as extreme and over the top as I'd hoped... but in a drawing by Francis Jourdain I saw the basic design for this little table.

Supplies and tools



If you're planning to stain your table, stain all pieces now and let them dry thoroughly.

Glue the table legs to the four corners of the base, edges flush. Glue the pillar to the top side of the base (take care to center it and get it straight). Glue pillar to table top, centering it carefully. Check that your table looks straight and nice. Let the glue dry before you finish the table.

Paint the table, unless you've stained it - in that case, treat it with Danish Oil according to package instructions. Rub the surface lightly with brown paper when dry, and then apply a second coat of oil.

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