1:144 scale sofa table

Idea and instructions by Anna-Carin Betzén

I was looking for a sofa table for the living room of my Florida Art Deco house, and spotted this table in an illustration by a designer named Dominique, reprinted in the book Authentic Art Deco Interiors and Furniture by Dover Publications.

Supplies and tools

Check out the Hints and guides section of the site for additional information about the wood types I use, and hints on cutting and and finishing.


The leg height plus spacer width plus thickness of the two circles should add up to about 4.5 mm (a little under 3/16").


Stain all pieces and let them dry.

Glue the spacers to the table top, standing on their thin edge, 5 mm (3/16") apart. You can use a 5 mm (3/16") square of scrap wood to help spacing them.

Glue the shelf to the spacers, lining up with the table top.

Glue the legs to the shelf, lining them up with the spacers. Make sure you turn them the right way around - the legs are wider than they are tall!

When the glue has dried, treat the table with Danish oil.

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