Roombox complete with front

A 1:48 scale graduation gift

When my cousin Erika graduated from senior high school in 2002, I decided to make her a roombox as a keepsake of her graduation.

The box I used was intended for mosaic work; it came with a large hole in the lid. I turned it on one side so the lid was at the front, and covered the window with clear plastic.

The ribbon bow on top of the box is in the colors of the Swedish flag - the flag colors are popular on ribbons, balloons, streamers, etc at graduation festivities. It looks great with the girls' white dresses and the boys' dark suits.

Swedish graduation customs


This room features a Swedish senior high scool graduation cap on the chair, and a collection of gifts and flowers on the table.

In the corner, there's a poster on a stick. When family members gather outside the school to wait for the graduates, they usually bring a poster on a stick (featuring the graduate's name and a cute or funny photo). It's a fun surprise for the graduate to see what the family has come up with, and it helps to locate each other in the crowd. I didn't have any suitable photo for the poster, but as Erika has long hair I could use a catalog photo of a Barbie doll. :-)

The horse outside the window

Personalizing the setting

Erika's education is geared towards horse care (nutrition and lots of other subjects), so I wanted to include a horse in the roombox. I pushed paperclay into a bought mold (for a tin soldier horse) to create the horse. I built a false wall at an angle so the horse would have a window to peek through.

Dress and chair

Erika had sewn herself a dress for the pre-graduation festivities, so I wanted to put the dress in the room as well.


I was on sick leave to recover from burnout at the time, so I was very glad to have a stash of swaps to utilize in the roombox.

The chair is by Betty Turmon, the painting on the wall by Julia Sensiba, and most of the wrapped gifts on the table are by Marilyn Nielsen.

The horseshoe is a bought metal finding painted black. I made the flowers, table, and the rest of the items in the room. web site by Anna-Carin Betzén. All rights reserved.