1:48 scale refurbishing scene in a giftbox

When a friend shows an real and ongoing interest in my miniatures, it's fun to surprise him or her with a miniature gift.

In the Summer 1999 I visited a friend and his wife, and handed over their birthday presents. He got this packet but I told him that he wasn't allowed to open it. He seemed a bit puzzled but held it while watching his wife opening her gift... until he suddenly noticed that a surface on one of the far sides had a different feel to it, and turned the packet to look...


This is what he saw. He and his wife had recently bought a house which they were refurbishing, thus the paint and brush and torn down molding.

He's into orienteering, and the white/orange thing is a control point indicator used in orienteering.

They have a two small kids, and he seems to have left his briefcase by the bookcase while chasing down the little ones who've obviously been up to some mischief (some of the books have been pulled from the bottom shelf, and lie scattered on the floor).

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