1:48 scale arbor

This is one of my very first 1:48 scale projects. I reduced the arbor from 1/12th (1") scale instructions in Miniature Collector (May/June 1997), but landscaped it differently.

The original instructions used a flower pot saucer for base, I used the lid of a jam jar instead.


The lattice for the original design was made from wood. I didn't have thin enough stripwood to make lattice (the framework was built from the smallest size wood I had at that time), so instead I used needlepoint canvas.

I stained canvas to match the wood, allowed it to dry thoroughly on a piece of freezer paper, and then cut it to size. Don't handle it while wet - it is very easily distorted. I varnished the arbor (including lattice) after assembly.


I didn't settle for a specific time of the year - I just used whatever plants I could figure out how to make in this scale.

The strawberry plants near the watering can are clumps of green foam with red H0 scale "apples" for strawberries and white craft sand for flowers. The tulips are green wires with one end repeatedly dopped in colored paint.

The Bridal Wreath spirea is made from a bunch of thin metal wires. I applied glue on the "bottom" side of the wires and sprinkled with green ground foam, then repeated on the "top" side with white ground foam.

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