1:48 scale antiques shop

Swedish mini dealers and shows focus almost entirely on 1:12 scale, but I keep looking for small objects that I might be able to use. Over the years, I've found several, and I've been toying with the idea of making a setting for them to show that some larger scale accessories may also be useful in smaller scales.

So when the Swedish miniatures magazine Miniatyrvärlden asked if I'd like to contribute a project for their 10th anniversary issue in 2006 (issue 2, 2006), I decided to build an antiques shop, provide directions for building the basic components (counter, cash register, and roombox) and stock it with my larger-scale finds. For more about the magazine and my other projects in it, please visit the page My minis in Miniatyrvärlden.

1:12 and 1:24 goods, sold in a 1:48 scale shop

A young customer is considering to buy a pair of salad servers. Perhaps they'll be a gift for Mother's Day? (It's actually a 1:12 sterling silver dessert fork and spoon, made by silversmith Peter de Wit.)

The shop's stock is all bought stuff. I included several suggestions of what 1:12 scale accessories can be used in 1:48 interiors, and where to find them. E.g., the printed paintings and photograph are cut from a sheet of larger ones intended for 1:12 scale. A couple of the smallest frames are made from belt buckles.

The suit of armour comes from a museum giftshop, and so does the verdigris statue (originally an unpainted tin soldier; I added the verdigris finish). The tray on the chest is a 1:24 plate from Warwick Miniatures.

Both dolls were made by a Swedish dollmaker, Barbro Wingård. She mostly works in 1:12 scale, but she's also made a small series of 1:48 scale dolls.

I like how the antique style cash register turned out, though I say it myself.

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