1:144 scale living room

I built this 1:144 scale roombox mainly to show off my Tabriz Heriz rug. But, a room with just a rug in it would be bare indeed...


The sofa and chair are built from my free how-to instructions in the DIY projects section. There, you also find my needlepoint chart for the Tabriz Heriz rug.

The table is made from mahogany veneer sanded thin, with legs cut from the same stock and pulled through a drawplate until they're round. I drilled holes straight through the tabletop to take the legs.

The roombox

The shell is built from 1 mm (1/32") plywood. I added flooring cut from scribed sheetwood (Northeastern Scale Lumber), and the wallpaper is a 1:24 scale design from Brodnax Prints. I used stained PaperWood and painted scale lumber for the door and other detailing.

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